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RegShowPics RegShowPics 29 April 2017

Everything on the Menu (Update!)

As I sit here enjoying a Saturday afternoon to myself, I can't help but say - wow! This XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito is amazing! 

Since October 2015, I've enjoyed soft tacos, crunchy tacos, all loaded grillers (the 2015 ghost chili ones included), smothered burritos, gordita supremes, chalupa supremes, cheesy gordita crunches, crunchwrap supremes, triple double crunchwraps, the fabled Beefy Crunch Burrito, the Combo burrito, five-layer burrito, among so many others, as I push ever-forward to complete the quest of eating everything on the Taco Bell menu (kinda-minus limited run items unless I get my hands on one).

I've had so much fun on this quest, and I don't think I have too many things left before I crown myself the Ultimate TB enthusiast. P…

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RegShowPics RegShowPics 27 October 2015

Quest - Everything on the Menu

I'm going for a big feat here! Trying to eat everything standard on my local Taco Bell's menu. Not any variants of standard beef issues, so I wont be having steak/chicken soft tacos alongside the standard beef. And of course, not every menu item in one day. Just getting it done. I've had a lot of unique items since I began this journey a few months ago, and the list gets longer with each time I eat there. I'll update the list as I go along and confirm what I've consumed.

Wish me luck, and hey, feel free to do this quest for yourself if you'd like!

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