The Adventures of Batman & Robin is appearing 5 toys from "Taco Bell" to promote the TV Series in November/December 1997.

The Adventures of Batman & Robin
November/December 1997
Batman On Ice, Portal Bat Signal Flashlight, Crashing Batmobile, Batman, Robin and Batgirl's Botanical Trap, Mr. Freeze Sleet Shooter
November 6, 1997
December 30, 1997
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Toys Edit

  • Batman On Ice
  • Portal Bat Signal Flashlight
  • Crashing Batmobile
  • Batmam, Robin and Batgirl's Botanical Trap
  • Mr. Freeze Sleet Shooter (Under-3-Toy)

Toys Instructions Edit

Batman On Ice Edit

  • Fill this Top with some Juice and place Batman into the Popsicle Top and Rest it into the freezer, When it's done, You pull this Popsicle out and you will have it.

Portal-Bat Signal Flashlight Edit

  • Remove the Battery tab from the flashlight and press the Bat symbol button and it shines the Bat Symbol in the dark.

Crashing Batmobile Edit

  • Pull the Batmobile Back and let it go until it hits into the wall and pops open, Then Batman springs into life!

Batman, Robin and Batgirl's Botanical Trap Edit

  • Fill some soil dirt in the green terrarium plate and pour the plant seeds and plug Batman, Robin and Batgirl into the dirt and place the dome on the plate And settled Mr. Freeze and Posion Ivy by the side of the terrarium and place it in some sunlight and let it grow some plants, Now Batman and his friends are trapped inside the Terrarium!

Mr. Freeze Sleet Shooter Edit

  • Semurge Mr. Freeze into the water and squeeze him by filling him some water and then you squirt the water out frmm his Fist.