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The Taco Light, as seen in an undated commercial.

The Taco Lite (also known as the Taco Light) was a menu item at Taco Bell restaurants during the 1980's. The taco consisted of an extra long white flour tortilla shell filled with double the meat (when compared to normal tacos), along with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and cheddar cheese.

The shell was the same kind of shell still used as the bowl for the Taco Salad (light and flaky). The shell, when bitten into, would never splinter down the taco, or cause the entire shell to fail as a normal shell will sometimes do. Instead it would leave an outline of exactly where the bite took place.


It was on the menu for quite a few years. The running theory as to why the item was discontinued is in the name "light". The majority of customers saw this menu item as some sort of "diet taco", when in reality, it was very high in calories, due in part to its large size. Customers did not go to Taco Bell to eat a diet taco, so sales were poor.

Current Status

Several social media outlets have groups requesting the return of the Taco Light. Official word has been given as of October 2020.