Taco Bell Wiki

Spicy Ranch is a tangy, sweet concoction created by Taco Bell. It combines the gentle tingle of heaven's touch, with the hard stinging wrath of hell's fury. This sauce is very similar in color to regular ranch dressing. Some might even say that they look the same, maybe even taste the same. However, the key difference is in the kick it offers, where regular ranch lacks.

Spicy Ranch, however, is only found in certain areas of the U.S. and not outside.

If you are up for the challenge, next time you visit a taco bell ask for some spicy ranch. It is sure to make your day lighter, but not your wallet. The pricing ranges from $0.33 - $0.66, depending on the location of your neighborhood taco bell.

And, of course, as many of the taco bell products, it is also was available at your local grocery store.

Since 2016 it has been taken off the market and instead Kraft brand sells it and by comparing the two sauces I have come to the conclusion that they are the same. Sadly Kraft no longer sells spicy ranch. The only place you can get it is from Taco Bell or you find your own ways to get your hands on some Spicy Ranch. It is an ok replacement for Baja Sauce even though we still miss it and wonder what happened to it.

UPDATE 10/20/2020:

I have figured out a copy cat version of the taco bell sauce. Have you noticed the sauce you love and know taste like a mild spice like jalapeno ranch?!? Try making the best version of the jalapeno ranch that you can make and maybe add a little MSG.

Edit this post to write about variations of the sauce you make that you think is the closest to the original.