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Pico De Gallo, as seen in a Fresco Spicy Chicken Soft Taco

Pico De Gallo is a mixture of diced tomatoes, white onions and cilantro that was found in numerous items at Taco Bell. Items found on Taco Bell's Fresco Menu had their cheese and/or sour cream and sauce replaced with Pico De Gallo.

Pico De Gallo was discontinued in 2020 and replaced with diced tomatoes when ordering items Fresco style.

Nutrition Info[]

A single portion of Pico De Gallo contains 5 calories and no fat.


Items that feature Pico De Gallo other than those featured on the Fresco Menu include:

Spicy Chicken has been discontinued at all locations. The Ultimate Chalupa was only a limited time only offer and is no longer on the menu.