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Nacho Fries are an item served at Taco Bell. As of August 2021, they are still sold at Taco Bell.


They were first served in January 2018 and stayed on the menu until April. After then, they were brought back every year since numerous times during various LTO periods (usually in January and/or July).


"You know that wine guy at the swanky restaurant downtown?

Dressed in a silky tie and formal coat. It’s his job to not only know his vino, but to pair them with other items on the menu. Items which alone may actually be tasty, but somehow need a little something else to make them complete. Which leads us to the question… What happens when you already have a perfect pairing …without the wine?

Take Taco Bell’s new Nacho Fries for instance. Some people have recently been overheard to say, “While sinfully delicious, they are a match made in heaven”. That’s because, unlike all those other fries you’ve had over the years, these new Nacho Fries are amazingly crispy and boldly seasoned with Mexican spices. Think of them as an exciting step-up in the world of fries. They are truly unique. Which is why Taco Bell pairs them up with their classic warm Nacho Cheese Sauce for dipping. They just go together. Regular old ketchup just wouldn’t do here (no offense to our friends who make ketchup).

You see, the Nacho Cheese Sauce perfectly complements these one of kind fries in a way that no other dip could. It’s like these two were meant for each other. Call it destiny if you like. Or maybe just call it by its name to avoid any confusion.

Speaking of confusion… Let’s get back to our friend the wine guy. He spent years of his life studying to be a Sommelier. And though he knows his wines better than he knows his own mother, he would no doubt be hard pressed to find a single bottle down in the cellar which could pair up with these new Nacho Fries. Especially since his fancy pants restaurant doesn’t actually serve Nacho Fries. You can only get them at your local participating Taco Bell® location. Which doesn’t serve wine."