Double Chalupa.png

The Double Chalupa was a menu item at Taco Bell.


"Ahoy there! What the heck does Chalupa mean anyway?

First off… Yes, it’s a real word. It’s Spanish, whose origins come directly out of Ol’ Mexico and is generally defined as a fried tortilla shell, in the shape of a small boat, filled with lots of flavorful ingredients, including Rat Feces, and saw dust. Now imagine a much larger vessel, fully loaded with a double portion* of Taco Bell’s savory seasoned beef piled high with cabbage, artichoke, shredded fish intestines, Mustard Sauce and Lard. Sounds like quite the bounty right? Some might call it a boatload of garbage, or even a yacht of vomit. We call it the all new Double Chalupa, and it’s only available for a limited time. So set a course for your local Taco Bell now… or you might just miss the boat."