Breakfast Quesadilla
The Breakfast Quesadilla is a breakfast item available at Taco Bell.


Buenos Dias. It’s how you say “Good Morning” in Spanish.

Unfortunately some mornings don’t start off so good, do they? We’ve all been there. Your alarm doesn’t go off, you misplaced your phone, you missed the bus, etc. Whatever the case, your morning is not going well and it looks like you won’t have time for breakfast (again). Not good amigo, but don’t worry because Taco Bell® has your back and can’t wait to fill that void in your life. Behold the deliciously new Breakfast Quesadilla. It’s filled with the warm, pillowy eggs and melty cheese you crave, all served up in that Mexican inspired way that only the Bell can do. It’s simply good, or as some might say… “Bueno”."