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The Bean Burrito is a simple, meatless burrito. The 10" flour tortilla is filled with a green scoop of beans, a pinch of onions, a pinch of cheddar cheese, and a pump of Red Sauce. It is one of Taco Bell's most famous menu items, especially given its simplicity and low cost which is $1.29.

Bean Burrito: []

1960 - []

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? []

I don't know how long the Bean Burrito has been around, but it is a known favorite and it's already 2020.

The Art of It: []

Phase 1 - []

  • Steam: I prefer to steam the tortilla for 12 Mississippi's on each side before I go to fill it up.
  • Beans: I Okay so it might be a red scoop of beans ... you know the smaller scoop. Like red means stop! It's a bean burrito! No getting meat on your bones. So anyways if they ever change their mind to give you a bigger scoop of beans ... then you'll know they gave you the green for go. Just don't let gas out! Ha ha. Down to the sauce!
  • Red Sauce: I So like I said, it's one pump of red sauce. Unless the pump is constipated and so you go to flush the pipe which may or may not give you more sauce depending on how hard you push.
  • Onions: I don't know if you're like me but me and onions are no bueno. Probably because I don't have layers. My life's an open book until you reach the personal private stuff. So anyways if you like onions all the merrier. I do believe this is a 1-2 finger pinch.
  • Cheese: Finally the end. A 2-3 finger pinch of cheddar cheese. How great would it be for a 3-Cheese Bean Burrito, am I right? They'd probably call that a Bean Burrito Deluxe. Have some sour cream and tomatoes and beef... oh wait! That's a Burrito Supreme.