Airheads Blue Raspberry Freeze is a freeze available at Taco Bell.


"Exactly where do blue raspberries grow? Seriously. Is it the same place where they cultivate caramel apples?

Do agriculturally and innovatively minded gnomes carefully pick each one of these sweet berries by hand in a magical land of flavor? If so, let’s hope they are well compensated for their troubles ‘cause that sounds like a lot work. And why blue? Are there other colors they are harvesting that we have yet to experience? Whoever actually does grow these colorfully tasty berries must surely be the ones behind the new Airheads Blue Raspberry Freeze. Who else could mystically merge Airheads most popular flavor EVER with the frosty chill of a Taco Bell Freeze? Gnomes or not, we salute their efforts and are most grateful. Cheers!"